New Milton Town Women's

Formed in 2016 (see Club History page for how we got to that point) as the team were promoted to the Southern Region Women's League. A lot of players have been with us for a while, either in the senior team or graduating through the youth ranks and it is testament to the set up that this is the case.

After an exceptional first season at tier 6 on the Women's pyramid,  the team were promoted as champions to tier 5,  Premier Division. Two seasons in the Premier and after losing a few key players to real job commitments, we opted for relegation back to tier 6 to rebuild. With the youth coming through and fresh faces coming to the club all the time, the future is looking bright again.

New Milton Town Women's Team 2020-2021

Reg Warner, Vic Wardle, Emily Dancer, Lacey Hammond, Tegan Barnes, Kat Bonning, Caitlin Youles (C), Leah Ballard, Jasmin Tuck 

Fern Hollyoak, Emma Fletcher, Eva Connolly, Issy Baskett, Charlie Pitkin, Caroline Gray, Katie Greenough, Anna Fenton  

Women's Team Sponsor 

We are extremely grateful to Brightwater Estate agents for sponsoring the women's team. The Brightwater logo will adorn the Ladies home and away kits, tracksuits and our sponsors advertising board. Adverts will feature in our Men’s program and on-screen in our clubhouse.


Please bear them in mind if you are in the market for a new property. As an on going support of the ladies team, Brightwater will donate 10% of fees to the team and we thank them for this amazing gesture!!  

Team Honours

League Titles - X3

League Cups - X2 

Hampshire Cup - X1

The Management 


Manager: Lou Fern 


Number: O7788140592

Years at Club: 5 Years 


Head Coach: Paul Tiller   

Number: 07545828683

Years at Club: 2 Years

Joel Done.psd.png

GK Coach: Joel Hood  

Years at Club: First Season


Name: Chloe Traves
 Nationality: English 
Position: Goalkeeper 
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs: Poole Town, Hampshire Centre of Excellence, England Beach Soccer
Favourite Food:  Mr Whippy Bubblegum Sauce Screwball 
Name:  Tegan Barnes 
 Nationality: English 
Position: Goalkeeper 
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs: Boscombe Albion
Branksome, Mudeford Phoenix, Dorset County 

Favourite Food:  Pasta 
Name: Safia Tailamon
 Nationality: English 
Position: Goalkeeper 
Years at Club: 8 Years 
Previous Clubs: Dorset ACC
Favourite Food:  Cucumber


Name: Leah Barnes 
 Nationality: English 
Position: Left Back 
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs: Mudeford, Branksome United, Boscombe 
Favourite Food: Bacon
Name: Hannah Campbell
 Nationality: English 
Position: Centre Back/Right Back  
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs: Mudeford Phoenix
Dorset County, Dorset County Schools

Favourite Food: Nando's 
Name: Emily Dancer
 Nationality: English 
Position: Centre Back  
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs: Merley Cobham
Bournemouth Sports, Parley Sports
Poole Town Wessex 

Favourite Food: Nuggets 
Name: Caitlin Youles (Captain)
 Nationality: English 
Position: Centre Back  
Years at Club: 10 Years 
Previous Clubs: Dorset ACC, Dorset County Schools
Favourite Food: Mexican
Name: Abbi Churchill
 Nationality: English 
Position: Left Back
Years at Club: 3 Years 
Previous Clubs: Corfe Mullen United, Dorset ACC
Favourite Food: Burger & Chips  
Name: Katie Greenough 
Nationality: English 
Position: Right Back/ Centre Back
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs: Yeovil, Dorset 
Favourite Food: Pasta 
Name: Nancy Gray 
Nationality: English 
Position: Right Back
Years at Club: 9 Years
Previous Clubs:
Favourite Food: Burgers with lots of ketchup


Name: Kathryn Bonning 
Nationality: English 
Position: CM/CDM/LB
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs: Romsey Town 
Favourite Food: Pasta  
Name: Lucy Slater
Nationality: English 
Position: Attacking Midfielder 
Years at Club: 5+ Years 
Previous Clubs: AFC Boscombe, Dorset Schools, Brunel University, Oxford Brooks University, English University Southern Team
Favourite Food: Thai  
Name: Pearl Mortimer 
Nationality: English 
Position: LW/RW
Years at Club: 6 Years
Previous Clubs: Mudeford Phoenix, Dorset ACC
Favourite Food: Tacos
Name: Izzy Baskett
Nationality: English 
Position: Centre Midfield 
Years at Club: 4 Years 
Previous Clubs: Southampton FC, AFC Bournemouth, Dorset ACC
Favourite Food: 3 Weetabix with Maple Syrup
Name: Anna Fenton
Nationality: English 
Position: Winger
Years at Club: 2 Years
Previous Clubs: Colden Common, Oakwood, Eastleigh FC
Favourite Food: Spaghetti Carbonara
Name: Vic Wardle
Nationality: English 
Position: Midfielder 
Years at Club: 7 Years
Previous Clubs: Corfe Mullen 
Favourite Food: Everything (I am a Bin)


Name: Mia Elmore
Nationality: English 
Position: Attacker (Striker/Wing)
Years at Club: First Season 
Previous Clubs: St Albans City, Mudeford Phoenix, AFC Boscombe, Highcliffe Hawks, AFC Bournemouth
Favourite Food: Vegetable Chow Mein
Name: Liv Bessant 
Nationality: English 
Position: Striker 
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs: Ringwood Town
Pace Bobcats, AFC Bournemouth

Favourite Food: Pizza, Chicken
Name: Melissa Davis 
Nationality: English 
Position: Striker 
Years at Club: First Season 
Previous Clubs: Mudeford Phoenix 
Sway, Bashley, Highcliffe Hawks 

Favourite Food: Pizza
Name: Leah Ballard 
Nationality: English 
Position: Striker 
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs:  Eastleigh FC, Southampton FC
Favourite Food:  Noodles 
Name: Jasmin Tuck
Nationality: English 
Position:  Winger/Striker  
Years at Club:  4 Years 
Previous Clubs: New Milton Eagles 
Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese 
Name:  Jade Hockey
Nationality: English 
Position: Midfielder/ Forward 
Years at Club: 1 Year
Previous Clubs: AFC Bournemouth
Southampton Women

Favourite Food:  BBQ Chicken With 
Mac n Cheese
Name: Maddy Frampton
Nationality: English 
Position:  Winger  
Years at Club:  First Year 
Previous Clubs: Hampshire Centre of Excellence, Southampton RTC, Reading women reserves. 
Favourite Food: Seafood